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New IPC White Paper on E-Textiles Washability Reliability

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The IPC E-Textiles Committee has published IPC-WP-024, a white paper on washability reliability of e-textiles. The committee plans for this white paper to be the first in a series of educational resources and perspectives on washability, as it gathers information from industry to address how to cover this topic in industry standards.

The committee will also discuss the white paper and invite other perspectives on the topic during its free standards forum September 12, the day before the IPC E-Textiles 2018 workshop in Chicago. IPC will provide the white paper free to all registrants.

You can read more about the white paper at

We hope IoClothes Forums members will read it and provide your own unique perspectives on the topic. You can post comments here or send them to me ( for submitting to the committee. You can also propose a white paper topic of your own. 

The more information and perspectives we can share among each other, the closer we will get to tackling the issue of reliability expectations with laundering.